First 50 Children’s Story Books Jump Off the Shelves to Support Financial Education in Hawaii!

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – HUD-certified housing counseling agency, Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA), reported sale of its first 50 Kahua Waiwai, Keiki Edition(c) handbooks as it kicked off April as Financial Literacy Month.

“At IN Events, we believe in investing in our next generation.  Our children are one of the greatest assets we have to strengthen and sustain our communities,” said IN Events President/CEO, Kapu Gaison.  “I applaud HCA for embracing this concept and for its commitment to showing how to do good in the community while doing good business.  And I encourage Hawaii businesses and residents to come onboard to purchase books so parents and children can learn about money management together.”InEvents, the Native Hawaiian for-profit organization that coordinates and conducts the internationally-renowned Makahiki Challenge at Kualoa Ranch, purchased the first 50 handbooks with profit from its 2015 event.

HCA’s Kahua Waiwai, Keiki Edition(c) is a financial story book developed for and by Hawaii children in 2014 to teach about coin recognition, saving, spending, banking, and social enterprise from a culturally-relevant lens.  Content of the story book is based on the standards established by President Obama’s Council on Financial Capabilities for children, ages 0-5.

HCA has 2 additional Kahua Waiwai(c) editions for homebuyers and opio that are based on national standards and used in the delivery of free workshops statewide.

$1 Invested = $1 for Local Jobs 

Every $1 that goes toward the purchase of Kahua Waiwai(c) curricula goes to support jobs at 3 local businesses – HCA, Aloha Marketing International, and Obun Printing.

“Our Kahua Waiwai curricula proves that our community has the expertise to help address the key economic issues in our neighborhoods,” stated HCA Program Coordinator, Lahela Williams, citing that all of the curricula were developed using a community-based model that utilized the knowledge of children, parents, teachers, and local business owners.  “Not only have they helped create a tool that will serve generations to come, but they have built their capacity to educate our children about managing our financial resources with the same precision and foresight as our ancestors.”

Since 2009, HCA has generated more than $150,000 in earned revenue through the sale of its Kahua Waiwai(c) curricula to support free delivery of workshops.

Individuals and businesses interested in purchasing a Kahua Waiwai, Keiki Edition(c) can email

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