Kalaupapa Advocacy Nonprofit Releases Comments on National Park Service Management Plan, Needs Community Support

Ka Ohana O Kalaupapa

For Immediate Release:

July 20, 2015

Kalaupapa Advocacy Nonprofit Releases Comments on National Park Service Management Plan, Needs Community Support

Kalaupapa, HI–Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa’s comments about the latest draft of the National Park Service’s General Management Plan for Kalaupapa National Historical Park can be found on the ‘Ohana website: www.kalaupapaohana.org.

Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa is a nonprofit organization established in 2003 at the request of the Kalaupapa community. Members include Kalaupapa residents, family members/descendants, friends and supporters. Anyone can join.

Since its inception, the ‘Ohana has advocated for the Kalaupapa community, helped hundreds of families learn about their ancestors who were at Kalaupapa, developed award-winning educational exhibits that have traveled the islands and worked with partners to preserve the history of Kalaupapa.

The ‘Ohana Board of Directors has serious concerns about the draft General Management Plan (GMP) prepared by the National Park Service in a document that was more than 400 pages long. The ‘Ohana concerns about the latest draft include:

  • A failure of  NPS to recognize the ‘Ohana as a long-term partner;
  • A proposal that the federal government obtain thousands of acres of Pelekunu and Halawa valleys on the North Shore of Molokai which would be managed by the staff of Kalaupapa National Historical Park;
  • Opposition to homesteading while allowing NPS staff and visitors/tourists to occupy the houses on homestead land at Kalaupapa;
  • Proposed duplication of educational and family outreach programs already made highly successful  by the ‘Ohana;
  • Lifting the visitor cap from the current limit of 100 to no stated limit of visitors per day.

The ‘Ohana does not believe that any of the alternatives proposed by the NPS should be allowed to become the final plan for the future of Kalaupapa National Historical Park without an additional draft issued for public review and comment. Many concerns were raised by Native Hawaiians, including many descendants of Kalaupapa, during the latest round of public hearings held two months ago.

Those interested in the future of Kalaupapa should not only read the comment letter issued by Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa, but also the Position Paper developed by the ‘Ohana that was submitted to the NPS in 2009 after the first round of public hearings on the GMP. The Position Paper can be found on the Home Page of the ‘Ohana website along with a comment letter submitted in 2011 after another round of public hearings on the GMP. Any questions or comments can be directed to info@kalaupapaohana.org. Please visit www.kalaupapaohana.org for more information.

Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa Position Paper: ‘Ohana-GMP final 6-8-15


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