Maui Artists Get the Picture with Native Artist Professional Development

CNHA alongside Pa’i Foundation and diverse group of Native artists.

Kahului, HI – This weekend, CNHA participated in First Peoples Fund’s Native Artist Professional Development program (NAPD). Hosted by the Pa’i Foundation at the beautiful Maui Arts & Cultural Center, CNHA met and learned from a diverse group of Native artists* from Maui, Molokai, and Oahu.

NAPD gives Native artists the tools and support they need to manage small entrepreneurial businesses to achieve economic success by enabling Native artists to make a living from their art through sales locally, regionally and nationally, allowing them to sustain themselves, their families and their communities.

Curriculum begins by helping artists express their own vision and values that will ultimately become the principal foundation of their businesses. A series of self-assessment tools helps artists determine their art marketing, business and financial management abilities, while planning and budgeting tools help them develop and enhance these practical and important skills. Intensive pricing and marketing sessions are included along with a sample business plan.

This training served as a significant prerequisite for CNHA’s Capacity Development Manager, Cassandra Ohelo, and AmeriCorps VISTA, Moani-Keala Meacham, to attend FPF’s Train-the-Trainer workshop series; as future certified trainers. In addition to becoming certified trainers and delivering two NAPD workshops throughout the year, CNHA is also expected to review and develop a native artist database, and bring artists to market.; one of five CNHA Policy Priorities 2017-2018 Arts & Culture caucus.

With the assistance and support from CNHA Board Member and Arts & Culture leader Maile Meyer, and organizations such Pa’i Foundation, and FPF, CNHA aims to deliver hands-on training experience to enhance artists business skills set and prepare them for their journey toward becoming successful artist entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in participating in one of the upcoming NAPD trainings, please feel free to contact Cassandra Ohelo at

*See below to support Native artists we had the privilege of meeting and working with this weekend: