Aka’ula School Molokai

Member Type: Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organizations Location(s): Maui County (Maui, Moloka‘i, Lana‘i) Member Since: 2007

Aka’ula School offers a quality, multi-age, transitional environment for Molokai students in grades five to twelve. We are committed to building a community where students, their families, and teachers are engaged in learning. We believe in educating the whole child through a balanced curriculum that celebrates multiple intelligence’s and meets the needs of a heterogeneous learning community. Learning, leading, and decision-making are fundamental collaborative processes practiced at Aka’ula School.



We envision a community of critical thinkers who are able to investigate and take informed actions on social, cultural, and environmental issues. We live by the Aka`ula School Values of reflection, excellence, honor, and tradition.



• Reflection requires stepping back and observing ourselves objectively and thoughtfully. We reflect in order to understand ourselves, and our interactions with others and our surroundings. Being aware of the impact of our actions enables us to be effective decision makers and leaders.

• Excellence requires the commitment to meet and exceed the conventional expectations of individual and group performance. It demands quality, vision, and creativity. Whether the excellence is academic, artistic, or athletic it requires “thinking out of the box” and fearlessness.

• Honor is the foundation of positive relationships. Without honor, there can be no trust, and without trust, we cannot work together. Where there is honor, there is respect, integrity, and harmony.

• Tradition teaches us where we come from and who we are. By combining knowledge of the past and present with vision, we create our future. Through continual growth and improvement we become a wise and caring community building on the legacy of our elders.

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