Ka’ala Farm, Inc.

Member Type: Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organizations Location(s): O‘ahu Member Since: 2002

The purpose and mission of the Cultural Learning Center at Ka`al` is to provide a program and place where people can gain a direct hands-on learning experience of traditional Hawaiian culture. The Cultural Learning Center at Ka`ala is dedicated to the preservation and practice of the Culture of the Po`e Kahiko (People of Old). The long-term goals underlying the mission of the Cultural Learning Center are:1. To promote, encourage and support the physical, mental, spiritual, social, cultural and economic health and well-being of the people and their communities through fostering an appreciation and understanding of the ahupua`a.2. To promote respect for significant cultural and spiritual objects and human remains bequeathed to us from our Po`e Kahiko and to preserve the physical features of our Culture which evidence the sophistication and wisdom our Hawaiian ancestors and their Culture.3. To increase community pride and stability by developing cultural, value-based anchors in the community.

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