Nanakuli Housing Corporation- Base Yard Hawaii

Member Type: Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organizations Location(s): O‘ahu Member Since: 2002

The Nãnãkuli community established The Nãnãkuli Housing Corporation in 1989 in an effort to create a community worthy of the families who live there.


The spirit and philosophy of our organization are embodied in our logo, the kukui or candlenut, an important natural resource for the Hawaiian people.

The kukui nut produces rich oil used to provide light and hence symbolic of knowledge or enlightenment.

The meat of the nut is cooked and used to prepare the relish `inamona a source of sustenance.

Wood from kukui trees was used to build canoes and gum from the tree bark was used to adorn tapa.  Kukui nutshells and tree roots are used to create a black dye for tapa making.

Today, kukui nuts, leaves and flowers are proudly worn in lei and kukui is a favorite motif of quilt makers and other artisans who recognize its symbolic meaning.

We have chosen the kukui to signify our goal to provide service and guidance to generations of today and tomorrow.

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