Waimea Hawaiian Homesteader’s Association

Member Type: Native Hawaiian Non-Profit Organizations Location(s): Hawai‘i Island Member Since: 2010
Waimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association is a 501(c)3 nonoprofit organization right here in Kamuela, HI. Founded in 1952 by the first homesteadersʻ in our region, we now have a membership of over 500.  The Waimea Hawaiian Homestead Region covers in excess of 27,000 acres of Homestead Lands on which 536 leases have been awarded. The Homestead is part of the Waimea Community which has a population of about 14,000 people of which roughly 40% are of Hawaiian decent. Waimea is a diverse traditional agriculture region, with strong opportunities from both its human and natural resources. The Waimea Hawaiian Homestead community is composed of land used for residential, agricultural, and pastoral purposes, as designated by the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act (HHCA). 
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