Native Hawaiians Leave New York Engaged with NBC


May 29, 2016

Native Hawaiians Leave New York Engaged with NBC

New York City, NY—The President of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA), Michelle Kauhane and the Chairman of the CNHA Policy Center, Robin Danner, spent four days in New York with national community organizers and the NBC media team focused on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues.

“It was a groundbreaking experience,” said Danner.  “I’ve been doing national level advocacy and policy collaboration for three decades, and this is one of the most exciting opportunities not just for communities of color in general, but in particular for Native Hawaiians that are really geographically isolated.  A huge doorway has been unlocked, and now we need to learn how to walk back and forth through it!”

Kauhane and Danner were invited by the Coulter Foundation and NBC along with 63 other national community thought leaders to brainstorm concepts to deepen relationships   Between NBC and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

“It has the potential for a really transformative impact on social justice work, on policy advocacy and voter empowerment in our communities,” Kauhane remarked.  “If CNHA can help to build a strong bridge for our members to access mainstream media to advance their work, to share their successes and voices by telling their own stories whether in education, in affordable housing or self-determination efforts, then that’s pretty powerful.”

CNHA will be coordinating a strategy session to develop a media project for its members to maximize the NBC relationship, to develop other media relationships, and to train member leaders to be “media ready”.

“One thing is for sure,” Danner said.  “CNHA members do great work, the hard work of helping to put Hawaiians in homes, to graduate from high school, to start a business, to build strong workforce development projects on homesteads, and in moving Native Hawaiian self-governance forward.  Worthy work that should be shared, that should be leading issue-based policy discussions, and media is just one way to share their talent with our state and with the country.”

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