Papa Ola Lokahi Needs 5 Minutes of Your Time–Community Health Pulse Survey!

POL is conducting a Community Health Pulse Survey.  This 3-minute survey asks participants about their health status and health concerns.  It is a very short survey.  The goal of Pulse surveys is to get a quick insight into the health of our communities.  Information collected from these types of surveys are to help providers, like ourselves get the “pulse” of our communities and is a way for community to tell us their story.

The survey will run until the end of the month.  It is an online survey and takes only a few minutes.  If possible, we are asking if you folks could kokua in possibly posting on your webpage(s), social media outlets, or by placing a flyer in your organizations.  We hope that you and your staff could also participate.  The surveys remain anonymous and confidential.

This is the link to our webpage:

This is the link to the survey itself: