Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. As an organization which aims to uplift lāhui by partnering with our member organizations, we at CNHA are asking you to join us in this Hawaiian Way Tuesday campaign to spread aloha!

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancementʻs Hawaiian Way Fund is the driving force that allows the organizations mission and vision to be reached.

By donating to the Hawaiian Way Fund, you will help to strengthen hundres of ʻohana that rely on a multitude of services and programs provided by CNHA. Each contribution helps Native Hawaiians connect to their culture and resources so that they and future generations may thrive.


how we kōkua

CNHAʻs call to action spands across the state and throughout the continent. We support industries from construction, to solar, to start-up and small businesses. Education, policy, capacity building, emergency assistance, loan services, and even a Pop-up Mākeke are all on the list of HOW and WHO CNHA serves.

We meet the needs of community exactly where they are and provide services that will uplift and sustain kanaka.

Throughout the month of November, visit this site to learn more about CNHA programs.