Check-in Process & Team Packet

Pre Check-is available Friday night, September 20th and runs from 5pm to 9pm. We highly recommend you check in on this day as Saturday morning will be busy and hectic.
Check-in on Saturday, September 21st (the first day of tournament) runs from 6am to 9am. If you are one of the first teams to play, you must check in at least 45 minutes before you are scheduled that morning.

Due to a busy check-in line on the first day, please come early and give yourself plenty of time to check in. Having all of your documents in order will expedite the check-in process. Please do not bring your entire team to the check-in line, we will only need coaches to stand in line. Please have your team members wait on the side.

Coaches, please bring these documents to Check-in. This will be your “Team Packet.” Please keep all these documents together in an enclosed folder, envelope, or clipboard compartment. Open folders risk documents falling out.

1. Full team roster (please print a word document) featuring the following

  • Coach’s contact info at the top
  • Team Name and Age/Grade Bracket
  • Name, Age, and Jersey number for each player

2. Team Liability Waivers

  • Liability waiver forms will be sent to your team contact person via email and will be later uploaded here for download.
  • Print one out for each player and have parents sign if player is under 18.
  • Players over 18 must also turn in a waiver to participate.
  • Do not mail these to us, please collect and bring them when you check in.

3. Proof of age for each player (to ensure there are no unfair matchups)

  • This will  *not* be turned in, but will be kept with you at all times in case asked for and in the event of age disputes.
  • This can be a 2019/2020 School ID, state ID, tribal ID, report card, or copy of birth certificate. Please ask each parent to provide these for their child.
  • It is a good idea to keep IDs in a smaller plastic folder or envelope to prevent from getting lost. This envelope should fit into your larger Team Packet folder and must stay with you. It needs to be available on short notice for age disputes and so play can resume quickly. Do not leave these in your hotel room or hospitality area.

3. Coach’s ID (Drivers License, State ID, Tribal ID

  • Teams are allowed up to 3 coaches for the event.
  • All coaches will be given a wristband. Please keep this on for the duration of the event. It allows us to ensure the safety of our kids and to keep areas secure that are off-limits to spectators.
  • Each coach must check in at the registration table to receive wrist-band. We will not give one coach multiple wristbands for assistant coaches. If a coach is running late, they may check in without their team.

Once you have checked in your team, you may proceed to the designated lobby if you are to play soon, or may head to your hospitality area should you have purchased a private area for your team to gather, change, etc. To check in to your hospitality area, Coaches must be wearing their wrist bands and have confirmation of identity on them. Players are encouraged to wear their team jerseys or t-shirts when leaving or entering the hospitality area so that attendants know the proper team is entering.