CNHA Loan Fund & Intermediary

CNHA is a U.S. Treasury certified Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a HUD- certified Housing Counseling Agency and a national Intermediary providing capital through grants and loans to address specific needs identified by CNHA member organizations. Current products focus on support to small and micro business, home ownership, residential solar energy, and nonprofit community-based projects or operations.

Home Construction. CNHA provides vital interim construction loans to owner-builders for a period of up to 12 months, for borrowers that obtain an approved mortgage loan from any lender in the State of Hawaii. Construction financing enables borrowers to draw down funds during the construction phase, and once the home is finished, to pay off the construction loan from the long-term mortgage loan by a conventional lender (usually a 15 to 30-year loan). CNHA is a particular expert in Hawaiian Home Land construction financing, to assist homesteaders to build a new home on a vacant lot awarded by DHHL.

Homestead Housing Authority Tiny Home Loans. CNHA is partnered with the statewide nonprofit, the Homestead Housing Authority, governed by homestead association leaders to develop tiny or small homes on Hawaiian Home Lands, either on a vacant lot, or as an additional dwelling unit or addition. Loans are for not more than $215,000, 15-years terms and collateralize by the tiny home itself.

Renewable Energy Improvements. Subject to fund availability, CNHA provides loans and grants to borrowers for solar water heaters, photo-voltaic systems, and other energy efficient improvements to help families keep more of their disposable income by reducing energy expenses.

Small Business & Micro Enterprise Loans. CNHA provides business and enterprise loans of up to $50,000 to individuals and organizations within its network of member organization to increase economic self-sufficiency. Loans are made for start-up, expansion and receivable cash flow purposes.

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Farming & Ranching Loans. CNHA has a particular interest in advancing small family farms and ranches to stabilize, to grow and to generate revenues to support borrower families. We believe that investments into family farms and ranches are good investments in the future of Hawaii.

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Housing Counseling Services & Grants. As a HUD-certified housing counseling agency, we provide one-on-one individualized housing counseling services to assist families to qualify for home related loans. Services are provided in conjunction with a CNHA home related loan application or are referred to CNHA member organization, Hawaiian Community Assets. Subject to availability, CNHA also provides match saving products, that help families with matching grants to down payment savings accounts.

CNHA Loan Fund Leadership. The CNHA Leadership team is led by Geri Mendiola, CNHA Loan Fund Manager and consists of a variety of fund investors and CNHA board members that oversee the products offered. Get capitalized – we aim to bring vital capital resources to Native Hawaiian communities!